Audigy2 bleeping, hissing...Need help badly!!!

My system configuration: audigy2, amd xp2000+, maxtor dx740 80gb, nvidia geforceti4200, msi kt400, 512 ddr3200 twinmos.
I am experiencing a very frustrating bleeping noise in the background in game intros and game movies (NOT during the game), quicktime and divx content...(Cracks and pops occur with the eax 4.0 drivers while using cmss2)
Does anyone know a solution for this problem. I already tried switching from pci slot, bios testing, via patch pci latency (maybe i did something wrong).
I really need help badly (The bleeping spoils the game intros and movies in WarCraft3, AOM, Diablo2... :-(

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  1. Go to There are new drivers released in November that are supposed to fix the problem with clicks, pops and overall noise with the Audigy 2. Make sure you disable any background programs before you install and the drivers install fine! EAX 4.0 as well.

  2. I already installed the drivers. So far i didn't get any serious help on the creative forum. I thaught may be you guys could help me.
    Please need some help badly. I paid 100$ to enrich my multimedia experience and so far i got busy for more than 15 hours on the net to find a solution to the problem.
    By the way creative support is very bad.
  3. Theres not much a fix. I fought with my audigy for years... same problems.

    I'd suggest trying your onboard sound just to make sure its a audigy problem for sure (tho I'm sure it is).. and use that until you can get another sound card.
    I hate to break it to you but theres no fix.. I've tried everything you've said and more.. I've even tried swapping motherboards (with different chipsets) to fix it.

    I ditched my audigy1 for my onboard and it was a good decision.

    If you must have a seperate sound card the best choice is the M-Audio Revolution.

    Don't listen to anyone if they tell you that upgrading your card to a Audigy 2 ZS will fix your problems.

    These are problems reaching back into the emu10k1 days (SB Live!) that were never fixed and it affects a large portion of the Audigy users.

    All audigys (1/2/2ZS) are based on the emu10k2 so upgrading, downgrading wont do a thing.

    My best suggestion is try pulling out all PCI devices and leaving only the audigy in, see if that helps.
    Its not a fix but it might decrease your problems because they have a problem with sharing the PCI bus with other intensive devices.

    They are poorly designed chips with poor drivers that flood the PCI bus (even when not in use).

    They are probley (in EAX3/4's case) use too intensive bandwidth usage.
    Thats why the Nvidia Soundstorm is going to be PCI-X only.. I'm using onboard till PCIX and that card comes out.

    Creative dont know what they are doing anyway..they are a marketing company, aggresive business people not brilliant engineering.
    Thats how they (and their sheep) got you to buy the card.

    I just tell it like it is and some can't handle it. If your experience is different, well congratu-fukulation.
  4. First of all seems the crackling and pops in the background with the "new" EAX 4.0 drivers seems to disappear when disabling cpuidle. I never had this kind of problem with older drivers of creative though. That's a start but it doesn't solve the bleeping (some kind of sound distortion) in the background when watching game intos, game movies, divx and quicktime content...
    So you think it has nothing to do with the via chipset or amd (do peole with a p4 experience the same problem?). Some people almost convinced me to buy a nforce2 ultra. If what you say is true why don't more people post this kind of problems (creative would have to do something to save their reputation). Do they think it's normal to pay $100 for a card that bleeps. I paid more than $100 for the audigy2. I expected to get the best for that price (damn you creative). Are you sure that nobody hasn't fixed the problem. I already tried to use the audigy2 as only pci device.
    Well i'm not giving up yet...(i spent 250$ for the senheisser hd590 and the audigy2 to get the ultimate sound experience).
    By the way i'm from Belgium that's 6 hours differnce in time. Hope somebody helps me out. CU ;-)

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  5. I did some testing and it seems that the bleeping noise also occur when using the onboard soundcard (CMEDIA CMI8738 which is disabled in the bios when using audigy2) on my MSI KT4 Ultra instead of the audigy.
    So i guess it's not a problem that occurs only with the audigy2. Maybe it's a conflict between the via chipset, nvidia or hdd...
    Well seems i'll never get to solve this problem at this rate.
    Hope this new information could solve things:-).

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  6. I was using different VIA chipsets and I convinced myself to move to a Nforce2 because I know that VIA isnt always that great.

    If you have a VIA KT333 or newer you shouldnt have that hard of a time with the chipset, those (and newer) are alot better.

    I moved to the Nforce2, after trying a bunch of newer VIA chipsets and the nvidia worked much better with the audigy but I still had some problems that were bad enough to ruin the 'computing experience'.
    I know people who have problems with the Audigys that use Intel chipsets (many of the same that you are having).

    I wouldnt recommend switching motherboards for a sound card, no matter what. Its a matter of principle.
    If you pull the audigy out and everything is fine, you just saved yourself a load of money and (trust me) a hundred hours of troubleshooting.
    I dont think changing motherboards is wise.

    I just tell it like it is and some can't handle it. If your experience is different, well congratu-fukulation.
  7. Well let's hope i can find a solution (no matter what it takes) using the hardware i have right now.
    Isn't it strange that the onboard sound has the same problem: it also bleeps in game movies... There must be something interfering but WHAT (maybe it's just a stupid little detail that ruins the fun).
    The fact that the onboard soundcard gives the same problems shows in fact that creative is not the one to blame in this case. But who or what?
    There must be someone with the same problem (i searched the forum but without any result yet).
    Well gotta keep looking for the answer to this foolishness...
  8. Interesting. What you need to do is format, then if that doenst work then pull everything out and move anything that could be causing interference.
    Also disable anything in your bios that you dont use, including serial ports ect.

    Then you'll find the answer without doubt.

    I just tell it like it is and some can't handle it. If your experience is different, well congratu-fukulation.
  9. Well after some serious testing i am almost sure it is the motherboard that causes the problem.

    I will never buy MSI products again...

    The crackling and popping thing is solved but the bleeping just wont stop.

    Maybe its just normal in some cases that the bleeping occur(poor sound quality or something?).

    Does anyone who has played Age of Mythology or Warcraft 3 experience bleeping sound in the background (sound distortion) during movie playback (I HAVE NO PROBLEM DURING THE GAME ITSELF). I think maybe its normal? (doesnt people get irritated by it well i sure do -> I paid for CLEAR sound)?

    Thanks in advance...
  10. I have both those games and I have no bleeping in videos with my Audigy (when I used it) or my onboard which I use now.

    Did you do a format? and pull out everything but your video, see if the bleeping still occurs (this is after a format of course), if it doesnt then add your hardware one by one,testing each piece added, until everythings back in?
    I know its a pain but I dont think any definite conclusions can be had without.

    I just tell it like it is and some can't handle it. If your experience is different, well congratu-fukulation.
  11. one thing for sure, there is no cure for VIA and SBaster. Get gF2 at least, that would definitely cure your sickness. 8RDA/gF2 works even with MX300 no probs.

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  12. Have you try to get the Soundcard to a Higher IRQ? like 10 or 9 or even 5 (lower the better)
    and Don't share the Soundcard's IRQ with other device

    very funny.... my friend's computer(bought from XX computer center) actually has a MSI VIA K133a chipset mobo, and comes with Sound blaster live 5.1, not pop and clicks in anything.
    (it's at slot1) don't remember what IRQ

    but unlike mine a7n8x, all the IRQ can be hard assigned.

    ASUS A7N8X, xp3200+ (218x10.5, 2.65v), 2xKINGSTON HYPERX PC3500 512MB(218mhz, at 2 3 3 7, 2.7v) segate 120g 8mb ATA100 segate 80g 2mb ATA100, Creamware pulsar2, ATI9800pro 128mb, audigy2zs
  13. Thanks guys for the advice but no matter what i tried i didnt get any result yet.
    BTW soundcard IRQ is set to 3 so that shouldn't be the problem.
    I appreciate your help.
    Thanks in advance for your help ;-)
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