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I was what the difference between different versions of linux like FreeBSD, RedHat, or Debian. What would you suggest for learning how to use linux?
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  1. Mostly the differences are down to user interface and distribution specific tools. BTW, FreeBSD is a BSD variant, not Linux - they have a different kernel.

    I'd suggest getting a copy of Mandrake 8.2, Redhat 7.3, or Suse 8.0. They are the most support and user friendly. Debian is a bit harder to get started on...

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  2. Thanks, a friend of mine has RedHat so I'll get that. Then if I have any problems I can ask him. Thanks for the input!
  3. Ive been meaning to try Suse 8.0 but i cannot find the ISOs. Does anyone know where to get the Suse 8 ISOs?
  4. I think Suse only release it's current versions on CD. There may be some ISOs floating around on the net somewhere tho, just not officially.

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  5. search for stuff like i386_suse.iso and stuff like that on google and you should find it.
  6. Okay, I booted up The Red Hat installation. I installed everything on disc 1 and I inserted disc 2 when it said to. Then it gave me a message that it could not mount the drive. What is wrong? Any help would be appreiciated
  7. what's your setup? hardware? what is the exact text of the message?

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  8. I have a partition set up that is 7.5GB for linux. I have a 1900+, 512MB DDR, ASUS A7V266-E, and my cd-drive is ATAPI compatable. The message says could not mount drive.
  9. um ok, so it's the cd drive it can't mount then? My first guess is that the cd is bad.

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  10. Ok, I'm in Red Hat right now and I can't boot into Windows. When I boot up my computer it goes into Red Hat and asks which OS I would like to boot. However the only choice is Linux. HELP!! It worked fine with the linux partition on with Windows. Now that I installed linux however I cannot boot into Windows!! HELP!!
  11. SuSE doesn't offer ISOs. You can either buy the cds, or you can do an ftp install...

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  12. calm down. it should have added a boot time option, but it didn't so you need to add one manually. Oh heck, does RH7.2 use grub or LILO as the boot loader? I think it's LILO.

    log in as root.
    open the file /etc/lilo.conf in a text editor.
    add these lines at the end:
    replace hdb1 with whatever drive and partition windows is on.
    hda = primary master
    hdb = primary slave
    hdc = secondary master
    hdd = secondary slave

    run lilo in a shell (dos box / terminal) to set the changes.

    log out, and reboot. Windows should be listed now.

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  13. the default in rh7.2 is grub.
  14. ok, so it's /etc/grub.conf that gets edited. This sample is right out of the RH7.2 online docs:

    # section to load Window 2000
    title windows
    rootnoverify (hd0,0)
    chainloader +1

    Just add those lines at the bottom of /etc/grub and reboot. You don't need to run anything before-hand, unlike LILO.

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  15. We all have opionions however I would like to say that a newby
    needs the most help and documentation. We all know which distro has the most books, support and has the most copies
    installed out there.

    ps check out

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