PC hangs on "Shutting down"

I think this is a question that has been asked very often, but I might be in an other situation.

When I shut down my pc, everything goes well until the system hangs at "shutting down" and i have to turn it off manually with the power button. I first thought some of my settings were wrong, later i thought a reinstall of windows would fix this. But after all that nothing helped and im still stuck with this problem. I tried most of the tips people gave on the internet but nothing of them really helped. When i check my event logs it gives 2 different errors : "Kernel-Event tracing" and "ISCT Agent" (2 times). It also gives a warning at "Wininit"

Can someone help me with this?

Thank you!
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  1. clearing cmos might eliminate this issue, if not reinstall OS.
  2. I've tried both, and it didn't work =(
    I have the feeling this started when i switched my GPU from 2.0 to 3.0 slot in my motherboard ( i had it wrong in first instance because i have a 3.0 gpu)
    Lets try putting it in the 2.0 slot, shouldn't make a difference but i can try.

    GPU not the problem, now what? =(
  3. pci-e 2.0 and 3.0 doesn't matter you can use pci-e 3.0 in 1.0 also with 15 to 25% performance in loss but 2.0 they are identical to 3.0 with no performance drop.

    Have you also removed that a round battery?
  4. i didn't remove that battery, do i have to?
    you mean the motherboard battery?

    E: it does hang in safe mode too and when i restart the pc it doesn't freeze.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's the wininit.exe file.
    In event viewer this file gives a warning each time i shut down windows, or does this have nothing to do with it?
    and if it does please give me a solution. google just sends me to fixers I have to pay for

    Maybe its my bios or something? Because if I want to boot from dvd it just instantly goes to windows?
    What on earth is going on here, last week i installed my new pc and everything worked properly and now this crap occurs. =(
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