What is best FREE photo editing website?

I have Win 7 - I'd like to be able to resize, crop, lighten and darken, etc.
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  1. You probably mean a photo editing software not website. Try Google Picasa.
  2. pixlr is the best website
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    Free online photo editors provide a great way to quickly and easily do basic picture editing. Best of all, you save the extra steps and the drain on your computer's speed required by using photo editing software. If you've ever just wanted to resize a picture for emailing in a couple clicks, an online photo editor is a great option. The sites on this list of the best free online photo editors were judged on depth of features, ease of use, attractiveness of the site, and a coolness and wow factor.

    1. FlauntR Free Online Photo Editor

    FlauntRThis is a premier online photo editor with a stylish and attractive interface and thousands of one-click effects and photo editing options. This site features fun and easy options such as cool and funky frames for images, all the way to more advanced editing such as hue and brightness adjustments. The thing that truly makes this site standout is the integration with sites where it's popular to share images, from Blogger and Facebook to Windows Live Spaces. With the site's ProfilR editing tool, you can create profile pictures in one click for 30 different social networking sites. This online photo editor is just plain cool.

    .2. Picture2Life Free Online Photo Editor

    Picture2LifePicture2Life's online photo editor is quite slick, and has a pretty amazing mix of features. It even beats high-priced, memory-sucking photo editing software programs for some tasks. For instance, you can get a drop shadow effect for a picture in a matter of a couple clicks, versus the convoluted steps that can be involved in certain software programs. You can even download a browser extension so you can right-click a stock photo to edit it in Picture2Life, where you can crop, resize and add effects and then save it to your hard drive.

    .3. Picnik Online Photo Editor

    This is the most pleasant online photo editor to use. The site is attractive and there is no head-scratching about how to edit your picture. On the downside, the free version of the site features only the basic photo editing options like cropping, resizing and adjusting color. To get more effects, a $25 annual fee is required. Still, the free version is well worth using, especially since you can easily email photos to a variety of sites like Wal-Mart Photos, Snapfish and AOL Pictures.

    .4. Phixr Online Free Photo Editor

    The site looks a little retro, and it definitely won't win too many design awards. But Phixr gets bonus points for its simplicity of use. Uploading a picture is easy, and the photo editing interface is ideal even for beginners. You can mouse over each photo editing icon on the left for explanations like, "Convert this photo to sepia-tone, making it look old." The cool extra is the ability to click a button below your edited photo to automatically upload it to your account at a variety of sites like Flickr, Webshots and Livejournal.

    .5. Online Picture Editor

    There are no fancy bells and whistles and you won't get dazzled by the web site's design. Sometimes simplicity is best if all you just want a quickie way to resize a picture right in your browser. You simply browse to find your image, choose a percentage of its current size or a pixel length, get an option to convert it to black and white, and submit. Your resized image appears at the bottom of the page for you to right-click and save. If all you need to do is resize (and that is such a common task with digital images), this is the ideal site to do it quickly and easily.
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  5. Thank you all for your help. I'm impressed. A friend introduced me to Photoshop as it turned out. It is complicated but am told it's worth the learning curve.

    I'm an artist, so if any of you ever need a tip or two on painting landscapes, portraits, or seascapes, I'd be glad to return the favor.

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