A very strange night... a virus

Well tonight I was pushing some stuff to my GitHub account and I come back to see someone typing "Your Mum" yes I know a very childish hacker it seems. Well anyways I quickly turned off my computer and switched to Ubuntu on my 2nd hard drive and formated the other one to be safe then I quickly changed every password on every major website I go on. Does this mean I am safe from this "Rat" Virus or what lengths do I need to go until I get rid of this Childish person.
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  1. There is no way we can tell how much was compromised.Only the future will tell.
  2. I generally see it as 2 possible options, just a hacker who likes to do it for fun and was freaking you out. It could also be someone who was looking to compromise your system, and in which case a smart person would have already dug through your system beforehand. Most malicious hackers would probably like to remain unseen while they dig through your system. If you have any additional computers in the house i would check them for viruses and malware.
  3. Please remember formatting does not erase information on the HDD, it just marks sectors so they can be overwritten later. You need to be zeroing the HDD or partition to actually erase everything from it. Hit us back if you need help with that.
    Once you do that you should be safe from it; change all the network passwords as well, and you can even apply some MAC filtering on your router in addition to the encryption method you use.
  4. Please can you tell me how to Zeroing the Hard Drive
  5. I personally use Killdisk, it's a free program that does just that. You can go on their website, download and burn a bootable CD with it (website gives all details), then boot your system from that CD and proceed according to the screen instructions. on the left menu pick one-pass erase, which is the free method, make sure you select ONLY the HDD or partition you want to do this on , then proceed.
    It will write only zeros on the whole partition, rendering it in a clean, factory-like state.
    Depending on the size of the HDD or partition, it may take a while. When done, exit, remove CD, reboot, install OS of choice.
  6. Thanks I will get doing that now
  7. Good luck, mate. Hit us if need help.
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