Antec Lanboy and Hard drive overheating? Help?!

Ok I ordered a Antec lanboy for my new PC I'm building...and I was concerned about overheating issues with the hard drive, because I'm setting up 2 SATA 7200RPM drives in a raid 0. However, I ended up ordering it anyway, and now I read on Viperlair, "Although the 3.5" bay works like other Antec cases, there is no fan housing here. Considering that a lot of people use two drives, independently or in a RAID, there is no active cooling for them. 5400RPM drives are not going to be a problem, but 7200RPM, and the newer 10 000RPM IDE drives could potentially run into heat issues if more than one drive is used."

<A HREF="" target="_new"> Lanboy review at Viperlair </A>

So I was wondering if there is anyone out here in the Tom's Hardware community who has or knows someone who has setup a dual 7200 RPM drive raid in a lanboy and had no heating issues?

If not, should I risk putting the system together in this? Or should I RMA (its not opened but I think I still think newegg charges a 15% restocking fee) take the hit on the restocking fee and order a Lian Li PC65B?

Note: I am not installing a floppy drive in this system, so I can put one HD at the very bottom part of the 3.5 rack, and one at the very top where a floppy drive would go so they won't be directly on top of each other. And I am adding 2 80 MM cooling fans to the case.

I'd really appreciate some other people's input on this.
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  1. My friend has a lanboy case and 2 WD Raptors in a raid 0 right next to eachother and hasn't had any problems at all. For being 10k rpm drives the raptors don't heat up much. He also leaves his comp on all the time and so far he has had no problems with heat even with a P4 3ghz and leaving his comp on for well over a month. The only advantage over heat he has is that he doesn't have a high end graphics card in it, I'm sure a new radeon would heat things up.
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