Question: CD writer on a PC that is below specs???


For a christmas gift I want to get a friend a cd burner ( however, the website didn't have full required specs.

I found some at another site, and it says p2-350, with 64 megs of RAM.

My friends PC is, either a p233, or p2-233 with 32 or 64 megs of ram (pretty sure it's 64 megs).

Yes, it's old, but she would use a writer if she had it.

So my question is, I know if you try to run a game on a system below spec, as long as you have the ram and video memory, the game runs, but VERY slowly.

What happens to a cd writer if the pc is below spec? Can it even work with less RAM than required? Will it run but at slower write speeds only? Let me know.


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  1. Your friend's PC should not have any problem with using CD-RW drive. Only it may take much longer to burn when burning at high speeds (like 32x or above) with slow system because of buffer underrun.

    BTW, I recommend LiteOn 52x/32x/52x CD-RW instead of ASUS. It's a bit cheaper and better. I myself is a very satisfied LiteOn user and you'll find many users like me in this forum.

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  2. The RAM is the most important factor, you have to have enough RAM for the system to function with the Rewriters added load, even if it has Buffer Underun Protection its still going to use some system RAM, 32Megs of RAM you'll have trouble, 64Megs you should be OK, 128Megs with a slower system should be excellent. I have my burning software (Nero Burning Rom 6) configured to use 32Megs of system RAM, now it can be configured lower, but I'm running 512Megs of RAM so 32Megs is no big deal.

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