How can i set a samsung flat screen tv up.

could you please help me ,i would like to know how to set the samsung flat screen tv up, could you help. norman leigh.
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  1. Well, to say that a flat tv should be up or a tv thats probably not even flat might say being up isnt the idea of the tv, but to have a tv up would probably be a different kind of tv. So what is of up for a tv that normally to say isnt up?

    Or, are you asking to just install your tv on a higher plane of set? Putting your tv on the wall in a high place?

    I kinda like the other idea somewhat but probably too much thought when in thinking about it against just trying to say something commonly basic within the say "normal" use of something that doesnt have a normal use, thats for sure. I seem to understand this the most in some ways but not others, so excuse me if you would please.

    Otherwise you will need to just get a bracket set for the TV for its specs, usually have a weight class for size of TV, Some brackets are bigger then others and need maybe addiitonal "anchoring" or installmet with more pieces. Bar or Cross bar kinda application of installs. Some bars to say at least have bars on a bar to cross on the ends if i remember right, others dont. They are already on the bar or dont need them.

    Then theres like the kinda back panel add-on with a swivel peice. Some bars have these i think but more along the lines of tilt. TV is kinda more fixed, which usually is fine, cause of veiwing angles. Corner might have a conflict of interest though.

    Just kinda find where your interest is, and maybe some help might be of help if any.
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