Razer Carcharias Headset Mic Not Working Windows 7

My headset mic has recently stopped working.

Windows recognizes it, but when I speak doesn't recognize any sound.

I turn the mic levels up to 100 in Realtek and Mic Boost to 30db but it does not make a difference.

I have discovered when sound is coming out of my earphones the mic pics up that sound.

So I open sound recorder and watch a youtube clip, and sure enough the final recording was of the youtube clip. But Stereo mix is disabled. When I scream directly into the mic I CAN hear my voice very quietly in the background of the recording but it is extremely faint.

I have plugged it into different jacks on the same computer and the same thing happens. I have plugged it into laptops and the same thing happens.

I have downloaded all the latest realtek drivers and deleted all the old ones and nothing happens.

I remember when I first bought it the mic wouldn't work in any of my 3 computers, but when I plugged it into a mates laptop it worked straight away and then started working in all my computers.

7 months later and it is no longer working again.

Any ideas? Faulty mic? I have no sound card just a Asrock Extreme7 Gen 3 Mobo.
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