The chat box does not appear on any game

my pogo games appear and i play them.but the chat box does not
appear.people think i`m impolite when i don`t talk to them

Thomas Carey eagle5839 i want to live chat
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  1. Think you'd probably be left better with software section and at probably the site in which it is the games in question are better off placed.

    Otherwise you might have to wait around for awhile. Cause that is probably more a coding to hardware specific against what is able to be accessed within the software for use against any appliable use for it.

    Otherwise being imploit is being based off not using for otherwise you would. Obviously this is of little help of course but still. The site probably has a forum of some sorts. Community area.

    But remember the internet is a busy place of sorts. Alot of popular sites are hard to access in some areas once and awhile if you havent tried to look for the areas of the sites up yet.
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