Bluetooth A2DP Audio Problems

Hey everyone, Im having an issue with my bluetooth 3.0 USB dongle. I ordered it from DealExtreme because I wanted to use my Turtle Beach Px5 Headset (which is bluetooth compatible) with my PC to listen to music on itunes. I installed the driver on the cd it came with, but when I listen to my music, the audio is really choppy. It cuts in and out about every second or two. Sometimes it's ok for like 5 seconds, but then it starts skipping around again. Ive tried to get used to it but it is just hard to ignore. The software that was on the cd is called Blue Manager Suite. I dont know if this has anything to do with it but when you scan for devices, the Turtle Beach Headset shows up as two devices, the "Handsfree Unit", and the "Audio Sink" Ive tried connecting both, connecting just one at a time, but that doesnt seem to work. I've tried disabling my wireless PCI card in Device Manager, I've also tried changing USB ports. Im running Windows 7 64-bit and the bluetooth dongle is currently connected to a USB 2.0 port, so I dont think there is a problem with the transfer rate. Anyone have an answer to this?
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  4. Hi!!

    I have the same problem with the same? bluetooth 3.0 USB dongle from DealExtrem. And for now I don't have any solution. I tried to update Blue Manager Suite but i can't find anything.

    Do you fix it? please email me...
  5. Hello

    I'm having the same problem as well, with no fix in sight. I think it 's the dongle itself. This was being advertised as Bluetooth "3.0" when in fact, I believe it is USB 3.0... To explain, I have seen the following advertised.

    "Bluetooth Adapter/Dongle 3.0 USB"

    "Bluetooth Dongle v. 3.0 USB "

    and a bunch of other permutations of the above. I believe these companies are purposely using the word order in the advertising messages and product name to market this item as a ....USB Bluetooth adapter/dongle with the supposed Bluetooth 3.0 protocol.When in fact, this item is still 2.1 protocols but USB 3.0 Comparable. The advertising is done purposefully this way to make people think they are getting something new and better.
    I'm pretty sure this is just a marketing ploy (an effective one I admit) to get everyone to buy their device. Is yours dongle printed with a big overly conspicuous "VERSION 3.0".... 3.0 WHAT!!!!
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