My 60GXP just died. I could use an expert opinion.

I have an IBM 60GXP running alone on the primary IDE channel of an ASUS A7n8X rev2.0.

When I tried to boot my PC today it locked hard as soon as it reached the desktop. When I attempted to reboot, it locked up just after POST. I finally realized that my BIOS is not even seeing a device connected to the primary IDE channel on my MOBO. It was trying to boot from the other devices, and finding no other bootable media couldn't continue. I entered the BIOS setup to confirm, and sure enough my MOBO doesn't see any hard drives connected. The hard drive activity light on my case also stays lit, but the drive will not spin. This has been my primary drive for about 2 years and, until now, has given me no trouble.

Is it safe to guess that it is completely dead? And if so, what are my chances of getting my data back?

Thanks much for your thoughts!
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  1. all I did with mine was (lucky it could boot still) FDISKed it to delete every partition and dumped it into the garbage can. simple as that.

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  2. Alas yes, your drive is no more, it is a former drive, it is deceased etc etc. Only good use for it now is as a doorstop or something. Get a WD or a Seagate to replace it, far better drives.

    Now you know the reason why IBM's drives earned the nickname Deathstar.

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  3. regaradless of what you see, if you really want to see if your info is gone try this;

    get a pecie of [-peep-] hd(ie; 2 gb or what ever) and load it with an os doesnt matter which one. open your operating sys, if you can see any info your phukked my friend. Also you can try different slots on the cable. my old mobo wouldnt recognize hdd on the first 2 ide slots. but i got a better mobo since then(mine was a POS pcchips), although you seem to have a decent mobo.

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  4. Thanks for the input fellas.
    I've been thinking about buying a WD for quite a while. Now it's time.
  5. Maxtor is excellent as well.

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  6. If you're lucky you can see that hard drive as a slave using another hard drive as the master. Get as much of the data off as possible. Many had luck getting their data off at least.

    Welcome to the club though. IBM 60GXP and 70GXP drives were garbage. Everyone lost one.

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  7. I'm planning on trying that dhlucke, when my new drive arrives. However, at this time, the IBM won't even spin up. No power at all. I don't see any reason why the data would be gone. But, I don't know how I could possibly get it back if the drive won't power up.
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