Upgrade and BSOD's...HELP?!

Today, I bought a K7N2 Delta-L mobo, a 2800+ AMD XP, and a stick of 512 PC3200 400 FSB (some generic brand called elixir?). This is my first real upgrade since DDR became available, and I'm having sooooo many issues, and I can't really be sure where the problem lies. Other Hardware in this mess : Audigy Plat Ex, Generic NIC, GeForce 4 TI4200

My machine POSTed normally, but didn't want to load windows. Well, I figure, I can reinstall it, its not that big of a deal. I run the format, and start the install (XP Pro) and I get a BSOD before its even finished copying files. Weird. Do it again. Different BSOD. Again, Different BSOD. Some referred to page faults in non-paged areas (?) Some referred to hard drive. Others referred to memory. Hard drive was fine on the old hardware. Eventually, after removing some parts, thinking it was possibly IRQ related (yet another BSOD I got) it finally took windows. After I get to desktop...BSOD. Restart. Install audigy driver, BSOD, restart....BSOD, and thats all. Won't go to windows anymore, whole mess started again. I would be thinking problem was with Audigy and the filthy onboard Sound, but I had onboard disabled, and I tried removing audigy, still getting BSOD's before windows loads.

End result, anyone heard of conflicts with any of this hardware, or is it like I suspect, and the RAM is bunk?

Any help mucho appreciated.

Awww, c'mon baby, just take the upgrade, WHY DO YOU MAKE ME HIT YOU!!!!????
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  1. Probably the RAM or the power supply.

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  2. usually long beeps from the speaker or mobo indicates bad memory

    I've run into this, having just come from the store right out the box - and bad..it sucks but it happens

    After replacing it you should download and run memtest86..i'm pretty sure that's what its called
  3. Foiled again by cheap ram and psu.
  4. you might do some tweaking of the memory timings in the bios. it also looks like the processor and memory are running out of synch. i don't have your board, but on mine i can adjust bus speeds for both by jumpers. i know some bios'es let you do the same.

    before i rma'd the memory, i'd try to work with those bios settings.


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