What does this XP Error Mean?

When I go to install a new sound card in WinXP, I cancel out of the new hardware wizard as instructed, and run driver setup. I get the following error;

"Cannot install this hardware.
There was a problem installing this hardware
'Multimedia Audio Controller'
An error occurred during the installation of the device.
The data is invalid"

What is with this message? There appears to be no other error message to research.

I have tried both the drivers on the CD, and the ones of 4/26/02 on the vendor's site.

This is a new computer I built myself, no prior sound card. It may be due to the fact that I've loaded Intel chipset drivers (which include a PCI Bus Controller, which otherwise has the yellow question-mark in DM).

CPU Processor: P1.8A (512K cache)
RAM: 256 PC-2100 DDR
Operating System:Win XP Home
Video Card:Leadtek GeForce 3 Ti200
CD-ROM (type and speed): Samsung DVD
Sound Card: Turtle Beach Santa Cruz S/N CN-038FRH-48200-1BE-3Q0J P/N 038FRH
Mobo: ABit BD7II

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  1. "the data is invalid" means one of two things.
    Either the .CAB file that windows is attempting to install the drivers from is corrupt, either becaseu the install media is dirty, or the downloaded File you are installing from is corrupt...


    windows doesn't recognise your hardware and is too chicken shitt to admit this.

    (try cleaning the disk, and if that doesn't fix it.. re-install windows)

    whatever provides positive bouyancy for your aquious transport vehicle
  2. Thanks,

    I did try this:


    and it worked. Not that we should have to do these things just to get XP running.

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