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Does anyone know of any ISP's that have satellites operate at low Earth Orbit? I play a lot of online games, no dsl, cable, ISDN or any WIFI available to me. Latency is the key issue 2000KM or closer is low orbit most are Geostationary Earth Orbit 35,000KM Any suggestions?
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  1. No such thing, all satellite connections will have a high ping time.

    If you get cell service you can get a cell modem for internet access, unless that's what you mean by WiFi, although that's not the right term for it.
  2. We provides Hughes Net Gen4 is the next generation of high-speed satellite Internet that will let you do more of what you want online. From checking email and surfing the Web to multitasking and watching videos, we have three service plans that are just right for what you want to do.

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