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i decided to take on the diy 300 inch tv thingy, and i came across a problem with my NEC 1550m LCD 15" screen. When i opened it up, the ribbon extending from one side of the display to the other is too short, and actually blocks some of the projection onto the screen. There is no way around this that i can think of, aside form gettign some sort of attachment, but if anyone has ne ideas, please let me know.
picture #4. That is the ribbon im talking about, it is too small to let the actual green boards rest on the side.
Thank you in advance
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  1. yea. i had the same problem. i tore apart my old 15 inch and it had an LG LCD inside which the foil cable was a show stopper on. I got a 14 inch for the project. Toshiba branded LCD was inside. No foil cables! worked perfect.

    now i need a better projector.
  2. Do you know if in the monitor you mention, the circuitry may be folded back?

    This to make a (home-made and cheap) video-wall, where LCD panels need to be laid side by side, without circuitry at the borders.
  3. Has anyone found a solution to this!??
  4. I have the same problem but the cables are so short and the power and monitor in connects in such a way that there is no foreseeable way of putting the boards anywhere but on top of the tft and that won't work for a projection unless I bought longer side cables (ribbon) because the ribbon ports are so far separated from the bottom panel. Help!
  5. Quote:
    Only those with a real knack for tinkering should attempt to extend the foil cables and thus change the inverter arrangement

    Care to try it? :)
  6. Well, it doesn't look too hard... I don't think I'm talking about the same cable cuz this is like an ide cable except really thin and enclosed in shiny plastic with blue tips and I already tok it out with the snapping holders... all I need is a pre-kkrimped cable that's a little longer.
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