Windows XP Corporate Edition Expires???

I read this off NTCompatible, and stuck it on my website as well (of course giving NTCompatible credit).

Just go to my homepage below for the details.


What does this mean? If I do a clean install now with my WinXP Corp. CD, and install drivers and stuff, all of them wouldn't be Microsoft certified? Is this bad, or couldn't I just click "Continue anyways"?

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  1. This is interesting.

    I checked my NT5.CAT file, (which is in the system32\dllcache folder, and the certificate information said "Valid from 3/29/2001 to 5/29/2002".

    Currently, all my other signed drivers still show as being certified, even though the expiration dates on the certificates vary a great deal. Whether or not this means that all or none of the drivers would be listed as certified if someone did a clean installation on a freshly formatted partition ... that remains to be seen.

    I don't know if this is actually a real problem, or just a hoax.

    I would suspect that even if the system identified the drivers as not being signed, they would still function normally. Driver signing in the past was not necessarily a guarantee of stability. And you can change this aspect of the system under My Computer\Properties\Hardware\Driver Signing, and select the default to ignore whether the drivers are signed, anyway.

    Of course, with a valid image, and drivers that are currently up-to-date, I don't foresee how it can be a problem. Any additional or upgraded drivers would just have to be listed as not being signed by Microsoft Windows XP Publisher. But I'm just speculating.

    I'd like to hear more about this one, myself, if anyone has additional information. I know several people who have bought this version of the OS, including myself, and we'll all be pissed off if this is a real issue!


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  2. I'm still going to put this in my rumor folder. First off there are a number of ways to aquire a corporate edition. First there's the .iso from dell and then there's the patch that is only the necessary files needed to patch a retail version.

    This rumor is too vague at the moment for me to take seriously. I didn't see it on your site though. Where did you hide it?

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  3. Sorry about that, it's in my history folder now:
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    Thanks for your feedback, the both of you. I just came back from a Win2K Pro clean install. I'm going to go back to Windows XP, maybe, so I can see what effect this has on my system. Most of the time, I ignore those popups anyway when installing drivers I know should be fine.

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  4. Bah, doubt it's true, MS would get into serious sh!t if it is.

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