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Orb audio speakers

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September 23, 2004 4:06:33 AM

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I'm researching small speakers packages for under $1,000 a pair and
came across the Orb Audio Mod1 and Mod2 speakers. I found no
professional reviews and few recreational reviews, which were all
spectacular. I'm worried because the information is limited and I'm
new to the complex world of hi-fi. Here's the web site- - I was hoping someone might provide some thoughts
about the value and quality of these based on the info from the site.
I know it's hard to judge without hearing, but as far as materials go,
and any performance figures published do these look like quality
speakers at a good price? The little I've read really has been great,
but I'm open to suggestions from anyone in the know. These will be
used for surround sound music and home video and I'm using a Pioneer
VSX-1014TX-K 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver to power them.


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September 28, 2004 4:42:42 AM

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Add my thumbs up to the Orbs...I started with the Classic Two just to
check them out, and have recently upgraded into a full theater system.
with Mod2 in the front channels and Mod1 in the rear. These speakers
have the fullest sound of any sub/sat system I've ever heard, and I
have also had a steady stream of pretty amazed listeners flowing
through my apartment. I had biggger tower speakers before this and
these sound better by a long shot. FWIW, FedEx damaged one of my
packages and their customer service was really easy and nice to deal
with. (2scooters) wrote in message news:<>...
> Actually, the Orb speakers are fantastic. I've had them for over a
> year and every person that comes over to my house is pretty much
> amazed and jealous that they spent more on speakers than I did. They
> really do deliver what they say -- high-end quality and direct
> pricing. Really good bass, and clean sound. Amazing customer
> service, too. I wouldn't buy speakers on specs...I think most
> companies exagerate anyhow, and no spec measures imaging, etc. and
> other important qualities. I think the Orbs compare with most
> sysstems 2x-3x their price. They still come with a home trial, too,
> so there's not much to lose. I've heard the Hsu system and the Orb
> system is easily 2 or 3 steps up from that. Looks much better, too.
> Not that the Hsu system is bad, but the Orb system is really a
> standout and one of my bette purchases.
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