Serial Hard Drive isn't showing on first boot

Just got a new rig I'm putting together, but doesn't work.
Asus A7N8X Deluxe
Athlon 2500 Fsb 333
Kingston Hyperx DDR 512 Mb PC 3200
Sony DVD
Maxtor 80GB SATA Diamond Max Plus 9
When I turn on the power the DVD comes up as the primary drive, and the Maxtor doesn't even register. I have never installed an SATA drive before. I am hoping it is something simple. This is only the third computer I have put together, so please feel free to dumb down your answers.
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  1. I have a serial cable running from the harddrive to the primary SATA on the motherboard, and the dvd player using an IDE to the primary on the motherboard. Also, I tried switching both around to secondaries, but the maxtor still don't show up on boot.
  2. Do you know what type of SATA controller your motherboard uses?

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  3. Your motherboard uses the Sil3112A SATA controller, if been using this controller on my computer as an add in PCI card.
    First make sure there is not a jumper or BIOS setting you need to enable to use the controller.

    If there is one then try updating the BIOS for your controller by going to <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Why use windows when you can use doors?
  4. There is a jumper and I set it to enable SATA, but I dont know to much about bios. Where would I need to make a change in bios?
  5. did you set your bios to boot from scsi? you must do that

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