Intel Pro/Wireless 291ABG Mini Pci Card Issues

Ok I have a older laptop that has a Celeron M in it and a Broadcom wireless mini pci card in it. I wanted to upgrade the CPU with a Pentium M and Upgrade the wireless card to a Intel Prol/Wireless 2915ABG Card. So i did this right and everytime I load the driver for the card I get a error in Device Manager saying that the (device is not started) Code 10. Now I have dont EVERYTHING to get these drivers to work and still cannot get it to run. My question is does anyone know what is wrong here??? Could it be that I do not have the Intel Centrino chipset on my laptop and it wont work?? I know that sounds stupid and does not really make sense but I have tried everything and im down to saying its the card or that.

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  1. Broadcom has to be the worst for driver support. You can barely even find them on their site. God forbid they put them on a link from the product page.
    I just went through this exact same thing with their N class cards.
    The drivers appeared to load and work fine, the card would be identified in device manager, but would say, "This device can not start".

    Now Intel is usually better about this, but it still sounds like the incorrect driver is installed for the card.
    :arrow: Also check that any hotkeys like Fn+F11 or whatever it is for your system has the card enabled.
    :arrow: Make sure that if you are using 1 antenna that it is in the primary antenna port on the card.
    :arrow: Make sure if there is any hard key for the wireless card, that it is turned on.

    If all else fails, I have a a/b/g/g+ 108 Mbps mini-PCI card left over from the "olden days".
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