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Hi, I'm a hardcore gamer looking to build a new computer soon using a P4 3.0C and an Abit IC7-G motherboard. I'm kinda confused though on picking the right memory. I want to be able to use the Game Accelerator feature of the IC7-G to its fullest but I hear you need really good memory for that. So I was wondering if PC3200 would cut it or do I need PC3500 (or 3700 possibly?)? I don't plan on doing any overclocking. I'm kinda new to all this technology so I've been doing some reading and I've gathered that you want the RAM and FSB to run in synch for the best performance. So would getting PC3500 or higher actually hinder performance? Any suggestions as to what type of memory to get would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. PC3500 is a more highly rated version of PC3200. It would NOT hinder performance by making your system run out of sych, as it would default to PC3200 speed. It's a good option for adding stability.

    For example, Cas2 PC3200 won't always be stable at Cas2 with the game accelerator feature. But PC3500 Cas2, at PC3200 speed, should. I'm fairly certain I've seen PC3500 Cas2 enter the market recently.

    So using PC3500 at PC3200 speed is a great way to add stability. Be aware that some RAM requires an increase in vDIMM.

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  2. Cool. Thanks for the info I really appreciate it =]
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