What is thedifference between a wireless adapter and a dongle?

Trying to connect TV to internet
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  1. About the same as the difference between an automobile and a car. Or soda and pop, kids and children, I think you get the idea.

    If you are having issues, would help if you put in what you are trying to do, what you did to do that, what is happening, model of the hardware, etc...
  2. Trying to make my Mitsubishi 838 DLP " internet ready tv" wirelessly to my computer in order to receive streamable? movies & tV shows. Bought a Linkaya W2500 Dual-Baned wireless adapter, & it doesn't work. Message on TV screen asks to attach a Dongle.
  3. You need to get a specific wireless adapter for the TV, check with the dealer what you need. From the manual: Wireless Connectivity 802.11n Optional Adapter

    TVs are not like computers where you can plug pretty much anything into them, you need to load drivers to make the WiFi hardware talk to the device. And a specialized device like a TV would not generally have the capability to load new device drivers for just any WiFi card. They have a onboard processor and operating system that is limited, they code in a connection to a specific card, and that is the card that will work with it. Some can be updated with firmware updates if the manufacturer chooses to do so.

    Nice looking TV by the way, hope it runs well for you.
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