compaq evo n800c / n800v quick question on CPU fan

I'm trying to repair a n800c that doesn't power up. The symptoms are: power indicator is on, battery charges, HD spins when turned on. However: cpu fan doesn't spin, no blinking LEDs, no beeps, nothing shows up on screen.

I've tried replacing the CPU/fan/RAM but it's the same. I measured about 0.6V on the fan connector, so it seems no power is sent to the fan. The CPU and chipset seems to have power (they get warm).

Here's a quick question: how much does it take for the CPU fan to spin when turned on? Does it require a functional CPU/RAM/chipset?

I have another motherboard that I can salvage parts, so if it's simply a power regulator problem I can probably replace it, but if it's something else then I'm out of luck.

Any comments is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. I think it would require the motherboard to work correctly. The mobo transfers electrical signals to all of your parts. If you can replace the mobo, you should fix your problem.
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