Corsair - 1gb CL2.5 or 512mb CL2?

I am building a new system (P4 3.0, Asus P4C800) and will be buying corsair memory. I was initially thinking of putting in 1gb of CL2.5 as it is reasonably priced. I use my PC mainly for gaming, some digital photo editing (photoshop). I also run Office XP etc. The OS is Win XP pro. Should I use 512mb and run faster CL2 instead or go for 1gb of CL2.5?
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  1. I'd say 1GB, it makes a difference even when using just the OS, some games need that much (SC4, UT2003) and large images on PS would deffinitely be faster to polish.

    Is 2^33634943-1 prime? (more than 10Mil digits @65.11) I will know in 10 days when <A HREF="" target="_new">Prime95</A> finishes checking!
  2. Some people say there isn't much of a different between 512 and 1 gig.. but i haven't went under a gig since the p3 days. All computers i built for people have 1 gig.. it's great for gaming.. you can still keep your AIM on and play..

    I notice the difference when i use corel draw 10 compared to when i only have 512 in.

    p4 2.8 533fsb
    intel mobo
    1gb rdram pc 800
    radeon9800 pro
    120gb seagate s-ata
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