Drivers for Dell Inspiron N4010 windows7 premium

when i clicked get and download driver from dell support center not working always check the internet connection but i already connected pls help me to do something to make it work
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  1. Dell does a horrible job of explaining this to Dell users. No wonder there is so much confusion.
    Seems like Dell users are learning this by trial and error.

    You will get some help on this from the Dell user forum...

    IF you are using Firefox (which you should be), you need to install .net assistant FIRST.

    You "must disable the antivirus and firewall."
    You Must turn off ANY and ALL security programs, entirely.
    You Have 2 choices in downloading drivers from Dell.

    1. Automatic: You MUST download and install the Dell download manager FIRST, before automatic driver installation can proceed. If you do not have the Dell download manager installed FIRST, the automatic install does NOT work.

    2. Manual install:
    You must look up the hardware installed in the computer. By manufacturer and Version.
    Search the dell website for the driver, for that hardware, by the manufacturer name and version number.
    You will find drivers, that can be downloaded one at a time, saved and installed one at a time. AGAIN all security must be turned OFF.
    Load the drivers one at a time and restart the computer each time.

    No matter if you use manual or automatic drivers, after you are done, restart the computer and turn the security back ON.

    This really irritates Dell users, since Dell has never really explained it clearly.
    I can understand the aggravation.

    Now you are ready to ROCK.
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