Windows 7 dualboot with xp problems.

hello, i have just recently installed windows 7 on partition e of my computer. Windows xp is on partition c, and d has other stuff, when i installed windows 7, i realized that i could use the programs from xp, but it started as if for the first time, so all my settings are gone for each program and my game saves are gone. is there a way i can keep all my settings from xp on the programs to seven? thanks
Also, when i try to play dragon age origins on windows 7, which was installed on xp but i just used a shortcut, it says d3dx9_36.dll was missing, so i installed directx9 and now when i try to play, it says Physxloader.dll is missing, any help? thanks again

EDIT: nevermind about the physxloader.dll, just installed physx from nvidia website, but i dont think windows 7 users should need to go and download these programs to play games that require directx9 when we have directx11.
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  1. Saved games are usually saved in your 'My Documents' folder, while program settings are saved in the Registry. You can copy and paste your saved games to your new My Documents folder but it needs to be in the correct folder eg. my dragon age origins saves are in 'c:\Users\username\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age'. Technically you can export certain registry entries and import them again in win7 but that would just likely cause trouble, I'd reinstall all my programs.
  2. Oh i see, then should all the game save files be in the my documents folder? Or does it differ depending on the game where the save file is located? And the programs i can reinstall, but i want to keep the settings, like for rivatuner, which has my gpu fan settings, i want to keep that. And does windows easy transfer bring those settings and game saves? Thanks
  3. Differs on the game, most of mine is in a My Games folder. Running the game once and saving a game should create the new save folder, then just copy your old saves. You try Easy Transfer, haven't used it myself though, I backup and zip my stuff.
  4. i just copied the my documents stuff into 7, brought lots of my save games. just did the easy transfer, but it doesnt look like it transferred much...
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