Annoying "Enter Network Password" box appears every few mins

Anyone know what is up with this? I keep a lot of files on an external harddrive, and it just recently started giving me this error every few minutes, you can press cancel, but it keeps popping up, taking things out of full screen and what not.

It says : in the top bar : Windows Security then it says: Enter your password to connect to :(my ip address)

I have tried a few fixes online, but none of them worked. Any ideas?
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  2. Sorry. Slipped my mind. I have tried disabling the passwords on sharing files, entering a password on the user account (No matter what I enter this box always say's its wrong) I tried that one right now, lets see if it works.
  3. Well that seemed to work. Thanks, lol
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  5. Wait.. no it didn't. Decided to pop up again after an hour
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