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I'm having really bad problems with my two new 160gb 7200 rpm, 8mb cache barracuda drives.

I'm using Windows XP Pro. I partitioned one drive to 160gb as storage, the other as 40gb (OS), and 120gb for more storage. Went through formatted, installed windows. Now after I load all my drivers and try to play any game whatsoever it will crash on me. Regardless whether it's Halo or Gunbound. The computer simply freezes and I have to physically restart it.

I can't figure out for the life of me what's going on. I've tried to repartition and reinstall windows two times already, I've checked for physical drive errors and there are none. I also thought it might be one of my other components so I popped in my old hard drive and I'm having no problems with it. I'm at a total loss. :( The jumpers are set correctly, I have both drives on one IDE controller and I've tried hooking them up on different ones and I still get the same problem.

If anyone knows what's going on any input would be great.

Here are my specs:

Abit Nf7-S
512 Ultra Extreme 3500 DDR ram in dual channel
500watt PSU
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  1. da_bomba, you are da man, you are have to know dat XP no good no mo fo gamez, you see? drives themselvez are just dumb pease of paper dat PC is writing/reading on/from, they coase no problemz ever when they do dat.

    use smaller partition for OS or get a 2k model for dat matter, remove 160 drive from da PC and try again, do it slowly, do it calm. On the other hand you say you installed "old drive", does dat meanz dat the old drive had old OS on it as well, if so, you have to copy dat "old partition" into new drive and try dat, even it will not work, bat just for the hack of it. i am sure dat yer old drive does have da right drivers for yer sound/video or whateva da heck you installed with da new drivez (which is coasing da problem by da way).

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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