Hitachi hard drive hds721010cla63 driver

I can't install Windows 7 (or Vista) on this hard drive. XP and XP 64bit install with no problems. When installing Windows 7 it won't reboot. It gets to the "Starting Windows" screen and hangs there.
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  1. Hi

    You don't use Windows drivers for hard disks, though you may need them for hard disk controllers.

    Is bios setting for hard disk controller in ATA (compatible mode) or AHCI (SATA) ?
    (If XP installs without a driver on a modern PC it is probably in ATA mode)

    Have you checked your RAM for faults?
    (memtest86 or memtest86+ available as iso's to burn to CD with Imgburn, also the Win 7 DVD contains a Microsoft RAM diagnostics program)

    Is this an old PC which you are upgrading or a new build ?

    Are you over clocking PC motherboard or graphics card ?
    if so remove over clocking while installing Windows


    Mike Barnes
  2. Thanks, Mike

    I've tried ATA and AHCI in BIOS settings.
    memtest86+ reports no errors.
    No overclocking.
    This is an upgrade. Computer is 18 months old. Everything is working fine, except that Windows 7 setup hangs at the beginning.

    Have also booted to XP, formatted the hard drive NTFS and then removed the XP disk. After Windows 7 "hang", the disk reports as RAW, unpartitioned when running XP again.

    really stumped.....
  3. :fou: Eventually took a magnifying glass over the motherboard to look for anything odd. Found some dust between stuff and cleaned it with camera kit. HEY PRESTO...all sorted out.
    Thanks for suggestions...remember to clean regularly if you are in a dusty environment.
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