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i have built a computer and it works fine but i have several records and want to get the music from them to my computer so i can burn them to cd so i got a dak lp to cd system and it sends the information from the record to the computer through the input jack on the on bord sound card. my i have a program that controls the sound-card and i have recorded before but i clicked something in the program and now the records songs play through the speakers really low but the computer wont pick it up and record it here are my specks

windows 7 ultimate
3gb ram
40gb hard-drive
intel d915pbl motherboard

the on bord sound card has the windows 7 Realtek driver installed from here
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  1. There are lots of them in the web just search for them - vinyl record, all recorder, etc. - you can even record what is play on you computer and control the volume and other stuff, just try several coz we all have preferences.
  2. No I have already chosen one and I've set it up and was recording then clicked something and it stoped working I just need help to figure out what to do to start recording again
  3. Hmmm, I do a lot of audio stuff with my integrated sound board man, and one thing that I have to change ALL THE TIME (in Win 7 64 bit) is to:
    -Right Click on the volume icon in the bottom right corner
    -Click on Recording (or Playback) devices
    -Make sure whatever you want to use is on "USE AS DEFAULT DEVICE"

    I know this is a very simple thing to look at, but you'd be surprised at how much this can affect your sound projects! I hope this works! :)
  4. thanks for your help but that didnt work i just reinstalled the audio driver and it works fine now
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