Need Advice to Build Hackintosh System

Guys, I'm new with hackintosh and just want to start hackintoshing. Can u help me with some advise about the latest compatible spec for hackintoh? I have budget around $1000. Thanx...
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    It's simple really, try and match hardware-wise what Apple uses and stick with an Intel chipset and Gigabyte.

    If you find any hardware that works and isn't on the database, report it.
  3. I once hackintosh'ed a Dell M1330 that worked pretty good except for audio which only worked part time and only if invoked a kext file after boot up. I eventually sold the machine and the guy got rid of the Mac partition and did single boot Vista (ugh).

    Since then I have an Alienware m15X older model and I found a VMware image of OSX 10.5 leopard VM that works with VirtualBox. I can run OSX inside my Windows 7 partition as a VM window with full audio, graphics and networking for playing around with. It's pretty slick and I have installed Adobe 5 Creative suite and MS Office. It runs really well but the laptop has 8GB or RAM and a 256GB SSD so that helps a lot with performance.
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