Does System Restore occasionally solve viruses?

Hi, so I got a virus, when I accessed a website, and something was added to my Roaming folder. I immediately ended the process it started in task manager, and deleted the folder, but afterwards my computer lost its firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials went kablooey. After completely screwing up my computer using all this antivirus and virus deletion software (I scanned multiple times, It found the virus and *said* it deleted it, but another scan again would say otherwise. So after I screwed up my computer to the point that it wouldn't go into the loading screen for Windows, I did a System Restore.

I restored back 4 days before the virus incident had been downloaded, and despite people saying system restore won't fix it, my internet is back online, and I'm having no problems. Firewall and Windows update is back and working, and even Microsoft Security Essentials is back online. I'm scanning for viruses right now, so I want an honest opinion from T.H, and if you guys have a proper virus deletion thing that will actually delete it, not to come back several minutes later. Also, how do I stop websites automatically downloading things to my roaming folder (%appdata%)?
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  1. Yes system restore will remove a virus completely. However most viruses disable system restore by deleting previous restore points so this method rarely works. Malwarebytes is the best anti-virus software at actually removing viruses in my experience and you can download the free version which is not resident for this purpose.
  2. It can also reside in the system restore temp files,therefore returning after a system restore.

    Here's a scary version of a virus you don't want to get ^
  4. I think the reason it worked was because I actually system restored it BEFORE I logged on because I screwed up my computer. It gave me the option to system restore, and I didn't try it at first because when I was at desktop it didn't work, and there was an error code. Many thanks! I'll try get other people's opinions as well.

    Ok, Area51, would anything cause it to re start itself? I'm running Security Essentials, and later ill run malwarebytes which I used previously before Restoring it, as deletion of the viruses just meant they came back on restart of the computer.
  5. SR-71 Blackbird said:,7400.html

    Here's a scary version of a virus you don't want to get ^

    Well thankgod I didn't get that. What turned out for me thinking it was just 1 virus, it was several malware and trojans as well, so I'm guessing the first virus opened the floodgates for the rest of the viruses or something.
  6. Okay, so a complete scan resulted in no viruses found, with both Malwarebytes and MSE being the scanners. I also deleted old restore points just to be safe. Am I in the clear zone now?
  7. I also deleted old restore points just to be safe < this will help because sometimes they reside in the temp files making them reappear.
  8. Alright great! Do you think I'm in the clear zone know? I also scanned my scanners just to make sure they weren't infected (Under orders of one of my friends)

    Many thanks
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    You should be fine!
  10. alot of viruses store a copy of them self in system restore, i would do more than a system restore.\

    i would update my adobe reader, adobe flash and java to the latest versions, that is how drive by downloads infect you.
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