Apple MBP? But I've been using Win since I was in 1st grade

So check this out, the new MBP are going 2B released in this month, I'm very sketchy on Apple based software, I've heard that there is comparable if not better software on Apple than there is on a PC. I just dont see the point in running all the OS in a litle apple machine. I work @ Pc Club and one of my Techs is a mac user and states that he adores it. I've been playing with his mac for some time now, and there are killer features that you will not see in a pc laptop or desktop.
I just dont think dropping in $2000 for a laptop that does not use Windows is really worth my investment.


Here is a link, kinda has dumb reasons why not to get a mac, but he does have some points, like when angry steve says that mac are fashionable accessories.
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  1. Well, the MBP can use boot camp so theoretically it can use windows. Personally, I don't think it's worth it to have to switch between OS' every time I want to use an OS specific app. Plus I like to play games so Mac Books aren't all that appealing to me. IMO, it is ENTIRELY personal opinion. If you've used OSX and feel you can deal with the different software and the not so game-ability then go for it. They are well built machines that are fairly well supported and are probably worth the money. I just haven't used one for long enough to get used to the OS.
  2. Thats the whole point, I am a gamer and I would want to get the full GFX acceleration in mac, and with parallel, that is possible. I just want to fully understand why I should get a mac, Ive been on their website, but that still does not convince me be why I should blow nearly 2 grand on a system
  3. I think for the most part if you want to game avoid Macs. While Macs are excellent multimedia machines, the X1600 they offer can not play games like RS6 Vegas and Oblivion at decent settings with eye candy which is what most people want. At the same time, I feel that in order to get a good gaming experience 2 grand is a reasonable price. It is hard to find a notebook that can play games WELL under the 1800 mark. If you aren't convinced by Apple to switch to their product then don't. Stick with what's comfortable for you and what you feel will give you the best all around experience.
  4. The new MBP line has ben beefed up quite a bit since the last version.
    Sure you can play with it, the new GeForce 8600M GT is a fine card and the previous x1600 card is only a sad memory now 8) If you want, you can get Bootcamp and install XP to it, thus running both OSs and the XP will run as it would on a "regular" PC.
    2 gigs of memory and 2.2Ghz (At worst!) C2D, add the graphics and the cool looks of the computer itself is a bargain at 2000$ And if you watc closely, it's even cheaper than te previous incarnation of MPS! :D

    Ask yourselves, how much would a similarly speced Sony, Dell, Alienware etc cost? I for one will get it ASAP... as soon as my next paycheck comes in :lol:
  5. Ah, I didn't know it came with the 8600GT. That makes it a little more interesting. The old X1600 was a sad excuse for a GPU especially on a 17'' screen.
    This may just be me, but please don't compare a "PC" with a mac. It just won't work if you do it based on price alone. Don't get me wrong, the MBP is an excellent deal offering good hardware for a reasonable price, but at that point most "PCs" are going to be more game oriented. I can't fully back that statement up until reviews of the 8600GT surface so don't ask for sources. If you compare the old MBP(17'' w/ X1600 for $2000) to a Dell E1705, the Dell ends up being better IF gaming is your thing. On the other hand, I believe that Apple does a better job with their multimedia type software and is thus better suited for it.
    One problem I have with people asking about what they should choose is in the end the decision will be entirely personal. You are either going to love or hate Macs and the same is going to be said about PCs (and is more often with them).
  6. I hear you. And I agree. There is no point in comparing the two systems, afterall they are Different, even if they basicly do the same things. It's just easier to explain things when when you compare it to something that is similiar (Like a potato and turnip, they are Both Vegetables :roll: )(Don't ask, I don't know where that came eighter...), but really, if you want to game, choose a pc. Yea, you can play with a mac but there are certain limitations (That can be countered with (For example) Bootcamp, just get XP in your mac and there you have it!). Then there is everything else you want do, and that is where the Mac really Shines 8)
    ... Yea, I'm a fanboy. So what? Shoot me :twisted:
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