Bad overheating after installing VISTA

Last night, I loaded Vista Ultimate on my laptop (Alienware m9700, Turion ML-44), and my system began to overheat, making my system auto shutdown. Now, the longest uptime i can sustain is 10 minutes (even when idle) without using a real fan to blow at the base of my laptop.

The thing here is, I had managed to play World of Warcraft on Vista at the start of this year for at least 8 hours straight, when Vista was just released. I reverted to XP though because my video card drivers were not very compatible at that point of time.

I ran a speedfan check ( and three fans were detected. Temp1 is probably the graphics card, Go 7900GS.

Fresh boot from a cool machine:
HD0: 36C
Temp1: 50C
Core: 58C (red flame, danger)

After 10mins with no fan blowing:
HD0: 37C
Temp1: 75C (red flame, danger)
Core: 60C (red flame, danger)

After 4 hours idle with fan blowing:
HD0: 42C
Temp1: 83C (red flame, danger)
Core: 62C (red flame, danger)

I have already opened up my system and cleaned the fans of dust and dirt, any idea what else I could do?

Oh and by the way, I experience no lag and whatsoever, but the fan just gets overworked until system dies >.>
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  1. try checking the power options. power options > change plan setting > change advanced power setting. i particular the cooling options. i have a toshiba laptop and had to install a toshiba vista power options addon to access the special power saving and cooling features.
  2. did you download the chipset drivers?
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