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I am building a new system right now with an AMD Duron processor to upgrade my Celeron system. I'll be getting a new motherboard, the processor, new memory, etc., along with a copy of Windows XP Home (OEM).

I plan on using the hard drive out of my currently aged system (20 GB / 5400 RPM). I know that it won't be long until I need a better/larger drive. With MS's product activation scheme, can I expect to be able to buy a new hard drive and put it in this system sometime in the future without running into activation problems? I know you can switch other hardware minimally (video card, etc.), but with the hard drive it would mean I have to install Windows XP on a new drive.
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  1. i think you call them and tell them you got a new computer and they will reactivate the number. but you can only do that a couple times or somthing. i dont think they think its that big of a deal.

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  2. I'm not sure exactly what M$ bases the profile on. However, as above posted, that's what you can do in the case that you have to reactivate.

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