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Hello, I am running windows 7 64 bit, my hardware specs are AMD X2 5600+ 4 GB DDR2 800, 9800GT EE, 4x500GB WD drives 32mb cache.

Windows 7 used to run so fast, it was like everything was almost instantly, and now, from time to time it runs pretty good but other times for no reason I will open up one of my hard drives and it will take like 10 seconds to load when it used to be like 1 second , 2 tops when its idle.

I keep a very good eye on what is running, I maintain everything, I run spyware software, I have a good antivirus, my system is clean and my registry is clean as well. I really want to avoid reinstalling windows because I have spent over a hundred hours installing things, tweaking things, being a little bit too obsessive compulsive, just making things the way I like it. And when I say tweaking things I dont mean anything that should slow things down.

Is there really anything that I can do? I defrag, I run advanced system care, spybot, registry mechanic, malware anti-mal and I use revo uninstaller to uninstall applications so my system stays clean.

Any advice would be excellent, I will do anything it takes to not reinstall.

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  1. Oh and I was going to mention one more thing, I recently upgraded from 2 gigs to 4 gigs of memory after upgrading to a 64 bit os, the memory has been a good upgrade for me in many ways but I am still sad when my system slows down from things that arent using more then like 1500MB of memory, system will slow down when doing things like extracting files, when the anti virus scans stuff which I know is pretty normal to slow things down, but not to the point where I cant run a really old game like counterstrike. What do I need to get to be able to run things just fine while my system does intensive things like scanning for a virus. Is there a way that I can set whatever memory is left over ( which is a lot ) and put that memory to use on the things that slow my system down? I feel like having 4 gigs in some ways is a waste except for the newer games that I play.

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