512DDR Dual channel or 1 Gig ddr?

I currently have 512MB ddr 333 in dual channel mode running on my Abit NF7-S. I was considering buying another 512 since its so cheap but would then be sacrificing the dual channel mode cause I need 2 of the same modules to enable dual channel. I really don't want to buy 2 more sticks of 512 and get rid of my 2x256 sticks so I was wondering if it would be worth it to sacrifice the dual channel for double the amount. I do a lot of dvd stuff and it take a long time when I render a whole home video from avi to dvd.
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  1. Keep your current memory. Buy the 512MB memory module then put it in the memory slot that seems to stand alone and the two 256MB memory modules in the two remaining slots. The result: 1GB in Dual channel access mode.
  2. Really! Thanks, I did not know that. I'll get right on it!
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