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Well I've never had a laptop before but now I need one.
When i set off to buy one my friend suggested alienware was good for gamers. I looked on the website - I'm sticking to Intel processors not AMD (personal preference).
Anyway on the laptops that alienware have there are PCI-Express slots. I want to add a more compatible (with software I use) Wireless card. I understand this can be done through the PCI Express slot with some Cards. However I have no idea and coulden't find out from the website: When I get the laptop (or say other laptops...) would that PCI-Express slot be used. is it typical to have it used or are there free ones. Say this is the graphics card that's in the PCIe Slot then I'm pretty screwed if i want to replace it with a wireless card right.

So dose anyone have the experience with laptops to know if they're usually shipped with something in their PCIe slots??

If you wanted to know i want my laptop for:
gaming (On wireless networks for on-line gameing).
keeping notes.
CGI (like 3D-Modelling and photoshop)
And other odds and bobs I'd get up to.
I'd probably repartition the Hard drive to have Linux and WindowsXP on it.
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  1. No, everything provided by the distributer is usually integrated into the system. The only time this would be different is if you select one of the express cards as an option when you configure.

    I also have two things to say: 1) Laptop wireless cards usually aren't bad if you stick to the Intel ones i.e. Intel pro wireless. 2) I would stay away from Alienware. Their build quality has been known to be shoddy at times and their tech support has been known to be... well... lacking. If you have the money to spend take a look at, or All three offer better systems than Alienware IMO.
  2. Cool! thanks that's very helpful.
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