From x1600 to x1800 mobility?

I have an Acer (Aspire 5672wlmi-ATI x1600 ) laptop and as it can be seen in the model title, it carries with it a x1600 card w/ 128MB of dedicated memory. I'm interested in purchasing an upgrade to my video card and I've seen other cards from this same line such as this one ;

My vid card and the x1800 appear to be the same format/size. I'm just curious about two things;
1) Will it actually fit?
2) Are there potential heat problems?

Right now my laptop does get pretty hot, but not dangerously so, even when in games. I'm getting a Zalman cooler soon, but I want to make sure an upgraded video card won't blows up my new laptop :) I figured I would be fine as long as I don't push the card too far. Right now my card uses a kind of passive cooling similar to the one above. Thanks for any help provided.
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  1. 1) maybe. You have a 15.4'' laptop and space is kinda tight.
    2) Yes there more than likely will be. High-end cards for laptops are usually put into the larger 17 and 20'' laptops because those laptops have room to properly cool the cards. Again your laptop is rather small so it's ability to cool it is subject. And since you already said your laptop gets hot, I don't think I would try it.
  2. u r really wealthy!
    envy ur 8600GT.
    wonder if ur computer should be very hot in this situation...
    my laptop has ati x1600 with 256 ram,and when running 3D games,it will turn to be very hot
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