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Why does winXP have such troubles seeing win98/ME/95 computers in a workgroup?
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  1. if you turn off ALL the "extra's" that win XP installs as standard, and just run Tcp/IP.. And install a new version of TCP/ip on the win 98 machine... it still wont see it. Bugger. any ideas?

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  2. try disabling the network browser in services.

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  3. I had a similar issue with my 4-computer LAN at home until I decided to map at least one network drive from the XP system to every other system. Have not had issues since. It does seem to take a while to boot up, not sure if that's related to the drive connections or not. It goes into a funk for about a minute during boot, then pops out and goes to the desktop. Be patient. Once booted, access to the other computers is instantaneous.
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