64 Bit.. best Bang for the buck M90 vs M6300 [Dell]

I'm in the process of finding a Laptop to be used on the road for 3D CAD design. I've been looking at the M90's but now w/ the new M6300 coming out I'm wondering if I shouldn't hold off until they are mainstream and buying one then.

One of the things I can't understand is the use of 64bit on these systems. They always come w/ 32 bit operating software [either XP Pro or Vista Business 32bit]. Anyone have any experiance w/ these unit's and a 64bit operating system? I want to run 4GB of Ram as my software [SolidWorks] which is fairly RAM intensive and chokes regularly w/ 2GB of ram on a 32b system. Being as there is that 3.xGB of ram limitation in the 32b side.. a 64b system would be prefered so as to better use all of the ram.

Anyone heard if Dell is coming out w/ a 800FSB in the near future [rather than the current 667FSB in most of their M90's etc]?? Is it anyones opinion that I'd see a large improvement in performance from 800 [over 667]??

I'm going to need a system in the next 1-2months, so there isn't a whole pile of time to hem and haw over this and that.. but I would like to get the best bang for the cash I gotta spend!

Thanks !!

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  1. The only difference between a 32 and a 64-bit OS is the ability to use 64-bit apps which there aren't all that many of.

    The M90 is using the original Core2 processors which only had an FSB of 667. The M6300 is the update for the M90 and uses the new Santa Rosa based Core2's and use the 800 FSB. You won't really notice a big difference between the two speeds.

    You can customize and order the M6300 on Dell's site now.
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