Enter Network Password appearing avery 15 mins or so

It is becoming such a hassle trying to play a game with a friend, when every 15 mins i get forcibly minimized to this box, and have died from it before.

I have tried all the "fixes" regarding the user account and sharing part, none have worked, but somehow delayed the speed of the messages. Nothing has really changed lately, other than formatting a partition (but the messages appeared before this)

Any suggestions?

Also, it pops up on every program I use, my games, my browser, msn, etc. Wont let me click back on the program till I hit cancel
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  1. It wont let me leave the home group, as far as I know I have no files sharing, or asking to be shared. I have an external harddrive, would that be the reason? This is really starting to frustrate me
  2. are you using outlook?

    if so its probaly set to check for new mail every 15 minutes

    if its outlook go into send and receive settings and disable scheduled send/receive--means you have to manually check

    for mail

    had it before with outlook not remembering my password even though i told it to remember it
  3. No, I'm not using anything like that. I don't even have outlook installed.
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