Desperate Video Editing Student!

Hi all!

Just wondered if anyone could help me with a laptop problem. My story: I purchased a Packard Bell Easynote H5 running a P4 3.06Ghz CPU, 1Gb RAM, 80Gb 5200RPM HDD and a 128 VRAM Gforce FX 510 for a small price. Old chipsets I know and battery life is about an hour, however I simply bought the thing so I could have some space on my desk in my room, whilst being able to use video editing some very light gaming. It seemed alright at first however:
Problem 1!

Taking CS: Source as an example.
>Boot game
>Pause for 3 seconds to load
>Click options
>2 second pause
>Cancel options
>2 second pause
>Server list
>2 second pause

In game:
Framerate is fine then:
>2 second pause
>Fire weapon
>2 second pause
>Voice played
>2 second pause

During these pauses the sound plays on a 2 second loop. This is not a framerate issue! It does this in every game! WOW, UT2K4, Half-Life, Battlefield 2, WC:3, even STARCRAFT!!!! I swear I've tried everything! Updated drivers, Defrag HDD, Virus and Spyware clean, what is it!?

I ran the task manager while running CS:Source. The CPU was hovering at 50%. Guess that rules that out?

I also get really a really bad frame rate while editing in Premier Pro.

Problem 2!
My BIOS is saying that my CPU is running at 1.8Ghz. I turned Smartstep and power management off... nothing! I flash the BIOS update twice... still nothing!

My CPU will actaully speed up to correct speed (3.06) in Windows if I set the power setting to 'always on'.

I would greatly appreciate any reply and if anyone has read this whole thing then you have my greatest thanks!
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  1. I really don't know but it could be your GPU.

    Was it used>?<
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