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my new pc parts will be here shortly, but i ordered an oem drive, and i do not have the sata drivers i will need for windows install to recognize the sata drive. I went to the maxtor site, and all it had was the maxblast3 utility, which is a bootable cd -- does anyone know if this cd has the drivers on it that i will need?

my hdd - maxtor diamondmax 9 + <A HREF="" target="_new">link</A>
my motherboard - gigabyte 7nnxp

going to install windows xp sp1 edition, clean on the 160gig drive as my boot drive.


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  1. The driver you need is a controller driver, not the hard disk driver. For your motherboard it will be the Silicon Image 3112 driver.

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    It should be included with your motherboard on a floppy disc.

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