USB Stick is write protected, how do I remove this protection?

I was trying to create a bootable usb stick and cancelled the operation midway. Afterwards I tried to reformat the disk but windows kept telling me that the drive is write protected. I've tried installing many different USB formatting software, but that didn't work. When I went to try this method: I didn't see a "StorageDevicePolicies" in my registry so I was unable to solve my problem there also.

What other options do I have?
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  1. Usually there is a switch, that is hard to see, on the look closer. It looks like part of the case, but it's actually a switch.
  2. There's no switch on this usb drive
  3. bump...
  4. USB Thumb Drives that don't have a write protection switch

    * Turn on your computer and plug in the thumb drive after your OS has booted into windows.
    * Open the My Computer window and find your USB thumb drive.
    * Right click on the thumb drive and open the Properties tab. Once the options window opens up , go through the tabs until you see the remove write protection option.
    * Select this option and see if that removes the write protection.
  5. Sometimes if you plug the thumb drive back in to the USB port and use the Safely Remove Hardware option , the write protection problem will be cured.
  6. =( those don't work either.
  7. Try formatting the USB stick, go to My Computer then right click on the device and select Properties. Find the option to format and keep the capacity and file formats as default, then press start.
  8. I am unable to format it. When ever i try to format it it tells me that it is write protected. I called sandisk and they said the usb itself is broken and sent me an RMA to replace it.
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