How can i use my windows product key

hello,i have a HP laptop and it has a windows 7 product key on the back(sticker)i do not any disc,how can i use this key to reformat and reinstall windows
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  1. Hi :)

    Most Hp laptops have a built in recovery, if not you can download the correct image from Microsoft and then use the key... but you will also have to get the drivers from HP afterwards...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. my laptop has a recovery drive,how can i use the built in recovery,thanks for your help
  3. i think i see how to do that in advanced recovery methods...and return computer to factory condition,is that correct?
  4. If I ever had to reformat my harddrive, I just borrow a Windows 7 cd from my mate, or just burn one.

    Then I just re-install it using "custom install" and then I just look at the sticker to get the Product key.

    Are you trying to fix your Windows 7 OS or are you trying to do a fresh install?
  5. fresh install of windows 7
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    Obtain a windows 7 disc (Either torrent one and burn it, or borrow one from a friend)

    Make sure the OS is the same as you have currently installed ( Like windows 7 home premium etc;)

    Insert the DVD, and hit F12, select the DVD drive to be the boot disc, save and restart.

    When it boots, and says "Hit any key to boot from CD" strike any key.

    Now, it will load the disc, go through the options and find your drives.

    Select the drive you want to boot windows onto, then click next.

    Select custom install and folow the directions.

    You will put your product key located under your laptop in one of the steps in this process.

    Once finished after a few reboot's, your all done.

    Optional: if you want to get rid of EVERYTHING from the old operation system, go to my computer and find were it says "Windows.old" and delete that file.

    Finally, look go to the start menu and search for "activate windows" run the wizard and your finished.
  7. Great thanks for your assistance
  8. Make sure to select an answer to your question. (:
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