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For my job at a small non-profit organization, I have to build a simple webpage. As I am intermediate with Java and just learning html, it is an interesting experience. I've been able to layout and design the webpage with ease.

However, my boss wants me to make it easy for her to update the page. That is, she doesn't know html and doesn't wish to learn it. How do I go about making it easy for her to update the webpage? I would think I could use a "Log-In" button that takes her to an adminstrator-type site where she perform all the necessary changes. However, I would imagine that html is not the ideal language to implement the "Administrator Functions" in. What language should I look at using? Perl? Php? I'm not very familiar with languages other that Java and Html.

If you could provide a website that details the differences between the most popular web development languages, I would be very appreciative. Thanks.

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  1. I'm not that familiar with HTML, either. I was able to get my site set up with Dreamweaver. Then, I saved the FTP information so that whenever I want to upload a page, I just remember the keyboard shortcut to do it.

    I like Dreamweaver, because it doesn't include too much code bloat. But, if she wants ease, maybe Frontpage would be better. Just get a host that accomodates FP extensions.

    For a host, I've been using <A HREF="" target="_new">Cyberwings</A> and they've been great! And, they're really, <i>really</i> cheap. There was a downtime for an afternoon or so (not Cyberwings fault, but the server), but right when Shawn (CEO) named the time they could take care of it, it was taken care of. And if you look closely at their prices, yeah...those are <i>per year</i>. :smile:

    I have a bad feeling this wasn't what you were looking for, but I tried. I'll try again, if I have to. :eek:


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  2. whoa,
    sorry it took me so long to respond, but I've been a little busy lately.

    thanks for refering me to cyberwings, it seems like a great web host.

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  3. It's cool :wink:

    If this is a more important site, I'm not sure if you'd want to look elsewhere. The reliability of this host has yet to be determined. So far, they haven't disappointed me, except for one time when it wasn't technically their fault. But for the cost, their service has been spectacular!

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  4. indeed. the cost of web-hosting with those guys is dirt cheap, especially since you get all those nifty features (php, ssi etc.).

    how long have you had your website with them? like I said, the website i'm making is for a small non-profit it won't be too complex, and will likely have very little traffic. Basically, we're making the website just for the sake of having it.

    also, i was wondering how they impose the bandwith limitations. ie] how do they make sure you get only 6 gigs monthly? do they cut off service or start to charge you?

    thanks again

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  5. I've been hosted thru them since...March 27, 2002. If you go over your bandwidth limit, they charge you extra for that month. But, the charge is just once a year.

    I was reading thru the Cyberwings and came across <A HREF="" target="_new">this thread</A>:
    <font color=red>Shawn does plan to move all the RS servers to the Maine DC as soon as there is sufficient bandwidth capacity to accommodate them. It may be a one-at-a-time move, or it could be all at once. Whenever it is, it will be a lot of downtime, because users will have to change their DNS again and wait for propagation. Again.

    CW Staff</font color=red>

    So, I'm kind of scared because I use as my main email account. I'm not sure when or if this'll happen, but I think it will. When there was an outage, there wasn't anything they could do about it until the RackShack customer support opened at 10am.

    That's a bunch of gibberish, and I apoligize. But, I'm going to see if this is going to happen soon. If it does, I'm going to have to get another main email address, change all the things I subscribe to to the new main email address. It's just a lot of work, and I wouldn't want you to join them, only to find out that they're going to be out for awhile. Ya know? Just lookin' out...

    I'm going to post in their forums, which makes it another forum to worry about. :lol: So, keep your eye on this thread. I'll post back.


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  6. thanks for the info.

    hopefully, they don't turn out to be a company whose primary asset is its promises :(

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  7. Shawn is nuts and really crazy with his deals and stuff. With anything, you need to do the research and take whatever you find with a grain of salt. Sometimes, it's just a leap of faith.

    At least with my site, it's not like major thing. It's a side hobby. But, if it ever goes down, it won't be too difficult to change over to another place. Of course, I wish it would be fast and reliable, because I sincerely want to help people through it.

    I'm putting a lot of trust in this company...all $16 of it every year. Let's just hope they grow and gain everyone's trust. If they do, they'd be an awesome host, with great prices and great service. :smile:


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