Odd request from a gps, anything out there like this?

I am looking for a gps unit, but have a few picky preferences that seem to eliminate most of the ones I have seen so far.

-I can't get a unit with a touchscrren
-would prefer a bluetooth keyboard for input and navigation
-don't want something the size and weight of a laptop
-has to have a decent battery life 4+ hours
-turn by turn directions
-preferably be able to hit a key to have it announce the closest point you have to where you are.
-easy menu navigation
-must be able to enter in an address for a destination easily (as an alternative to scrolling through a list sorted by distance or whatever)

So that's my request. Anyone here know of a good way to pull off what I want?
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  1. pda with gps function?
    like a HTC tytn II, you can use a bluetooth keyboard, it has decent battery life and it can do a lot more than navigating you.
  2. how about an Asus UMPC?
    many have built in GPS, and are 7" tablet computers.

    should do everything you want, the only downside is I hear they dont have the greatest GPS reception.

    with an external PGS reciever (BT or USB), any UMPC will meet your needs
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