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Anyone had this before with a USB flash drive? I've had it with three, yes
three now and I haven't got a clue why?!?!?!?
- 512MB Byestor USB2.0
- 64MB Sumvision USB2.0
- 256MB Travelling Disk USB1.0

It's definately not a driver issue as I have three computers here, and one
laptop (old not used much, not on the network) and all of them don't work in
either, the "USB Device No Recognized..." pops up and say "unknown Device"
under USB Root Hug (2 ports).

Surely they can't all just die so suddenly like that! But if that is the
case, are there any recover tools out there???

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    Just to add:
    All 4 computers are Windows XP Pro. The Sumvision was working yesterday and
    now not today, I'm certain it hasn't been anywhere near big magnets or
    anything else I can think that would corrupt things. The computer in was in
    yesterday (when working) hasn't had any Windows updates either so I'm
    certain it's not a driver issue... which leads me to again ask for recovery
    tools as the info on there is needed urgently, always the case eh, I know I
    know backups!

    Anyway, enough of my rant, any ideas?
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    Just in case this happens to anyone else, the main controller blew! Took it
    to a data recovery place, a very good chap in Walton, Surrey if anyone else
    has a prob. They unsoldered the memory chip and soldered it back on to a
    duplicate that worked, after a few hours with a raw data recovery they got
    most of the data back.

    Moral of the story, always backup your USB drives!
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