I need help on choosing my gaming laptop

I am currently looking for a gaming laptop that can play 3d online games smoothly like WoW(Defense Of The Ancients),GUNZ.
I WANNA ASK is DELL XPS M1530 suitable for me to play games well??
Processor:Intel Core2 Duo T5450
Windows Vista Home Premium
15.4" wide screen WXGA (1280X800) TFT display wth True Life
160GB SATA Hard Drive

1 of my relatives said that it isn't suitable because i play games on such systems will lag,he said that i need go for high end laptop because high end laptops are only for gaming.Besides,it is easy to become hot too..
Do i have the need to switch my target to a high end laptop?COZ IT IS QUITE EXPENSIVE
Any other laptops recommendations or any changes i need to make?like HARD DRIVE TO 7200RPM 160GB HARD DRIVE?

QUITE URGENT BECAUSE M1530 is doin promotion,free a wireless blue tooth mouse in 3 days time

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  1. I would go for a processor in the 2ghz range. Yoyr relative is right about that lagging but you don't need a high end laptop if your only plaing WoW. A 256mb video card wouldn't hurt either.

    Laptops run at low resolutions so more stress is put on the processor, espesialy in gaming, than on the other components. A 7200RPM HD is not needed but would help if you can afford it.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Upgrade that graphics card to at least an 8700m GT as well. You're going to need it if you're playing games.
  3. Yeah, I'd want to look at a slightly more powerful processor and GPU, something like the T7300 and a 8600 GT, perhaps, but WoW doesn't require that much firepower to play. You probably don't need to target the high end laptop segment though, that would be overkill.
  4. all those games you mentioned are old, and can play with x3100 integrated intel crap
    but if your goin to get the 1530, then at LEAST get the 8600GT. even if your skipping all else, get the 8600GT
  5. get a gaming desktop, and get a regular laptop... see, save money and have 2 instead of just one! not to mention the fact that a 'gaming' laptop's battery life is not going to be as long as a lower power pc due to the fact that you'll discharge it more often, not to mention bigger battery=more $$ to replace.

    there, my 2 cents like it or not. :-p
  6. Get a Gateway, I bought the P-6831FX at best buy for $1250
    3 gigs Ram
    Nvidia geforce 8800 GTS 512 Meg
    250 Gig SATA Drive
    17 Inch 1440x900 LCD
    Blue Tooth
    802.11 A/G/N Wireless
    Vista Home Prem
    Intel Core 2 1.67 GHZ

    Plays call of duty 4 all maxed and around 60 FPS!!!
    I dont think you can still get them at $1250 but if you look for a coupon code or call gateway you could get one for around 1500 which still rocks!
    This thing will blow away most 2000-2500$ laptops...
  7. He really doesn't need that much firepower for WoW, hahah.

    Btw, it's a 8800m GTS, which is the mobile card. The 8800 GTS 512 is the newest G92 desktop card. Just sayin'
  8. Well I assumed we all knew it was an 8800m GTS since it is a laptop... And if you can get such a great deal why not? Im just saying if you are looking to spend 1500-2000 then Gateway has your laptop...

    (I dont think you will be able to get mine for 1250 anymore I saw it at Best Buy and they marked it up to 1699, still a great deal though)
  9. Yeah, I'm only saying it because I'm a bitter jerk :D

    Either way, it's a nice laptop, mostly for that price (even around 1500).
  10. I dunno whether it's just me, but decent laptops are getting cheap nowadays!
    I just purchased my first laptop yesterday after a week or so of doin' my homework, and I ended up with a good gaming laptop for the buck.


    $999 for a laptop with a GeForce 9500M 512M, 3gig, 2.0ghz sounded plenty enticing to me.
  11. Asus also has some good customer support, so you're well off there too.
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